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Hair styling is among the many talents of Elit Beauty & Cosmetics.

Haircut, colouring, extensions & updos included

Welcome to our hair salon

To restore the health and radiance of your hair, you can stop by at Elit Beauty & Cosmetics. Among other things, we excel at:


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Our hairdresser is a true hair extension and colour specialist. The products she uses are from the renowned brand KIS.

Price list hairdresser


  • Cut in style €36.00
  • Washing, cutting & blow-drying Starting from €46.00
  • Cutting split ends €25.00
  • Girls up until groep 8 (age 11 or 12) €25.00

Colour treatments

  • Colouring roots €46.00
  • Foils small Starting from €35.00
  • Foils medium Starting from €105.00
  • Foils large Starting from €175.00
  • PPD-free dyeing Starting from €46.00

Blow-drying treatments

  • Blow-dry basic €16.00
  • Blow-dry deluxe €60.00
  • Blow-out Starting from €46.00
  • Curling/straightening Starting from €20.00


  • Rescue treatment €35.00
  • Keratin treatment Starting from €160.00
  • Permanent treatment €80.00
  • No-yellow treatment €35.00

Elit extensions ®

  • Elit extensions On demand
  • Putting in weave hair extensions Starting from €41.00
  • Moving up weave €16.00

    within six weeks, no more than three times

  • Removing extensions Starting from €41.00

For bridal updos, we charge a deposit of €20.00 for the pins and other items we use. Once you safely return them to us afterwards, we will refund that amount immediately. Our hair extensions are reusable and of high quality. Click here to book an appointment online. Have you got any questions about a specific treatment or would you like to schedule a no-obligation consultation? Call us through our general number or reach out to Henrike directly.