Manicure & pedicure

Using acrylic nails or gel polish, we give your hands a stunning makeover. Additionally, you can count on us to take good care of your feet.
Pedicure manicure

Cutting, filing & polishing

Acrylic nails or gel polish

Considering having your finger or toe nails taken care of? You can put your trust in Elit Beauty & Cosmetics. We are experts in nail cutting, filing and painting. In our salon, you can opt for acrylic nails or gel polish. Below, we are happy to explain the difference to you:
Pedicure manicure
Pedicure manicure

Acrylic nails

  • can be applied, removed or replaced at our salon;
  • lengthen nails with a finish of your choice;
  • are applied on top of the natural nails.

Gel polish

  • protects & strengthens natural nails;
  • stays on much longer than ordinary nail polish;
  • ideal for those who already have a naturally beautiful nail shape.
Nagels in alle kleuren
Pedicure manicure

Shades adapted to your skin type

Nails in all colours of the rainbow

We have a wide range of soft and brighter colours. Are you unsure of which shade suits your skin tone and style best? Or are you wondering about the ideal nail length for your work or hobbies? We are happy to talk you through the possibilities. In any case, do not hesitate to schedule an appointment!

Nagels in alle kleuren

Price list manicure

  • New set of acrylic nails € 50.00

    (extra € 5.00 for French tip)

  • Touch up acrylic nails € 40.00

    (after five weeks you pay for a new set)

  • Biab NN-Treatment / Rubber base € 45.00
  • Biab NN-Treatment & colour € 50.00
  • Biab NN-Treatment & French tip € 50.00
  • NN-Treatment € 35.00
  • Acrylic nail or biab removal (NN-Treatment included) € 35.00
For a set of acrylic nails with a French tip or other form of decoration, we charge another €5.00. If you want to have your acrylic nails touched up after five weeks, we consider those to be a new set and will charge them accordingly. The nourishing biab gel is also perfect to keep you from biting your nails.

Price list pedicure

  • Pedicure (± 60 minutes) € 40.00

    scrubbing feet, flattening thickened nails, cutting nails, cleaning nail beds,
    removing calluses, smoothing skin, foot spa & applying nurturing foot cream

  • Pedicure Extra (± 80 minutes) € 50.00

    scrubbing feet, flattening thickened nails, cutting nails, cleaning nail beds,
    removing calluses, smoothing skin, foot massage (fifteen minutes), foot spa &
    applying nurturing foot cream


  • price per big toe € 20.00
  • price for other toes € 15.00

Gel polish

  • applying € 15.00
  • removing gel polish that was applied at a different salon € 5.00
  • Sub treatments (extras) € 10.00 for each treatment

    extra 20 minutes for each treatment below
    Corn removal
    Chapped skin treatment
    Ingrown toenail treatment

During the first ten minutes of your treatment, the massage function of the chair you sit in is free of charge. Do you wish to make full use of the massage chair for the entire duration of your treatment? In that case, we will charge another € 10.00.

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