Massages & ear candling

For a relaxing (hot stone) massage, a madero treatment or ear candling, you can turn to us.
Stress verminderen
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Relax your body & mind

Releasing stress through a (hot stone) massage

Are you experiencing stress at work or is the daily grind getting the best of you? If that is the case, you can come to Elit Beauty & Cosmetics for a relaxing massage. We recently started offering madero therapy as well. We use a wooden roller to massage the skin and reduce cellulite.

Price relaxing treatments

  • Massage 30 minutes € 30.00
  • Massage 60 minutes € 55.00
  • Massage 90 minutes € 80.00
  • Hot stone massage 30 minutes € 35.00
  • Hot stone massage 60 minutes € 60.00
  • Hot stone massage 90 minutes € 85.00
  • Magnesium packing 60 minutes € 60.00
  • Madero therapy € ?
  • Ear candling € 30.00

Reduced pressure on your nasal & pharyngeal cavities

Ear candling as a remedy for discomfort

The ear candling treatment we offer takes about 45 minutes for both ears. During that process, we take turns filling your ears with a candle in a funnel. The candle, which burns up slowly, causes vibrations in the eardrum, which reduces pressure on your ear canal as well as nasal and pharyngeal cavities.

That way, we reduce headaches, stress, tinnitus, colds and many other ailments. Say goodbye to such discomforts today and schedule an appointment right away!

Oorkaarstherapie tegen hoofdpijn

Interested in a massage or ear candling?

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