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Laser treatments

Both women and men can come to us for laser treatments for their armpits, arms, legs, back and other body parts.

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Harmless lasers for all skin types

Get rid of your hair permanently thanks to laser treatment

Want to get rid of annoying hair growth or permanent make-up once and for all? Consider signing up for laser treatment. We tackle permanent hair removal with the latest Triple Ice Diode laser machine.


The equipment we use works with three types of laser waves that target different layers in the skin. That allows us to reach all individual hairs in the selected area. Our device is suitable for all skin types.


If you want to have a tattoo removed, please navigate to the ‘Tattoo removal’ page. Feel free to fill out our contact form if you would like to receive further information.

Laserbehandeling bovenlip

Price list laser treatments

For women

  • Upper lip €20.00
  • Chin €20.00
  • Cheeks €20.00
  • Neck €30.00
  • Armpits €30.00
  • Full arms (fingertips included) €90.00
  • Full legs (toes included) €130.00
  • Lower or upper arms €50.00
  • Lower or upper legs €75.00
  • Belly €60.00
  • Chest €50.00
  • Lower back €40.00
  • Bikini complete (butt cheeks, perineum & bikini line) €80.00 per session

    €450.00 for six sessions

  • Face (upper lip, chin, cheeks, neck & sideburns) €90.00 per session

    €450.00 for six sessions

  • Armpits, upper lip & chin €70.00 per session

    €380.00 for six sessions

  • Full legs & armpits €160.00 per session

    €870.00 for six sessions

  • Full arms & armpits €120.00 per session

    €700.00 for six sessions

  • Full arms, legs & armpits €250.00 per session

    €1.300.00 for six sessions

  • Full arms, legs, armpits & bikini complete €330.00 per session

    €1.650.00 for six sessions

  • Bikini complete & armpits €110.00 per session

    €630.00 for six sessions

Stretchmark removal

  • Stretchmark removal €50.00 - €150.00

    The total cost depends on the area that is being treated. One session lasts approximately between 45 minutes and one and a half hours. For optimal results, we recommend a package of three sessions.

For men

  • Chest €70.00
  • Belly €70.00
  • Lower back €70.00
  • Upper back (shoulders included) €80.00
  • Armpits €40.00
  • Contour line (cheeks & neck) €50.00
  • Ears €50.00
  • Full arms €100.00
  • Full legs €130.00
  • Full back (shoulders included) €125.00

    € 700.00 for six sessions

  • Face (contour line & ears included) €320 for six sessions
  • Face & armpits €580 for six sessions
  • Full back, chest & shoulders €1,100,00 for six sessions
  • Chest & belly €800.00 for six sessions
  • Full back, chest & belly €1,500.00 for six sessions

Removing PMU with a laser treatment

  • Very small section of the eyebrows €50.00
  • Eyebrows €100.00
  • Lipliner €100.00
  • Full lips €150.00
Get your armpits lasered with no obligation

Free session to try

Don’t let yourself be put off by the initial costs; if you decide to shave or tweeze your hair, you will most likely spend more money on depilatory products in the long run.


Does it still sound a bit exciting? Feel free to contact us soon for an intake without any obligations. We can even offer a free laser session for one of your armpits. If you are satisfied with the result, we will set up a treatment programme according to your needs.

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