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Tanning bed

At Elit Beauty & Cosmetics, we handle the use of tanning beds responsibly. You can also schedule your sessions over a longer period of time.
A radiant complexion all year round

Tanning beds for an even tan

There is no need to travel to southern lands to get tanned. Thanks to our Elit Sun Power tanning bed, you can enjoy a lively tan all year round. We have an upright tanning bed cabin, providing you with an even tan all over your body.

Price list Elit sun power

  • 5 - 10 minutes €6.50
  • 11 - 15 minutes €8.50
  • 16 - 20 minutes €10.00
  • 21 - 25 minutes €11.50
  • 26 - 30 minutes €12.50

Spray tanning - 100 % vegan

  • Full body €30.00

    You currently enjoy a discounted rate of €20.00.

  • Upper body (face included) €15.00
  • Lower body €15.00
  • Face (neck included) €10.00

We are trained to ensure responsible tanning and prioritise your health. Therefore, we recommend leaving some time in between your sessions if you want even darker results. For more information on what exactly tanning bed light does to your skin, you can always reach out to us.

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