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EMS sculpting & BB shaper

To create a slim or lifted body shape, EMS sculpting and BB shaping are the perfect solution.

EMS sculpting vacuumtherapie
EMS sculpting vacuumtherapie
EMS sculpting vacuumtherapie
Lose fat & gain muscles

EMS sculpting for a toned bod

Those who want a tighter body in the foreseeable future – without having to go to the gym – can opt for EMS sculpting. The machine we use combines electromagnetic radiation with radio frequencies.

That means 20.000 muscle contractions take place during a thirty-minute session. That process heats up the fat cells in the body and allows them to be burned faster.

Not only is fat burned, but other cells are activated as well, allowing you to gain more muscle. Afterwards, you will experience the same feeling you get after an intense workout session. The treatment can be applied to:

A painless session guaranteed

FDA-certified treatment

EMS sculpting is completely painless and approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration; US organisation that controls food, medicinal drugs and other treatments).


However, we would like to inform you in advance that the treatment is not possible for women who are pregnant or carrying a copper IUD and people who have connective tissue or muscle disorders.


Additionally, you must be eighteen years of age or older to sign up for EMS sculpting.

EMS sculpting vacuumtherapie
EMS sculpting vacuumtherapie

Interested in vacuum therapy?

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Price list EMS body sculpting

  • One session €99.00
  • Two sessions €179.00
  • Four session €299.00
  • Six sessions €449.00
  • Eight sessions €549.00
Feminine curves or a tighter male shape

Vacuum therapy with a lifting effect

Have you been dreaming of feminine curves for years, but did nature not bless you with those? In that case, our BB shaper is a great solution. Our machine creates a vacuum in the desired area, which moves fat cells to that particular spot. That process does not only aim for a lifting effect, but also reduces cellulite. Having your butt cheeks or breasts lifted can be done through the following formulas:

EMS sculpting vacuumtherapie
EMS sculpting vacuumtherapie

We generally recommend 12 to 16 sessions. A package of eight sessions costs €380.00, one of 12 sessions costs €540.00 and one of 16 sessions costs €760.00.


To ensure a lasting effect, it is recommended to schedule sessions at least twice a week. Would you like to know more about our rates? Make sure to contact us soon.